Still Frozen

Some collected scenes from February’s deep freeze month.

After the storm, light through ice left behind. I love this photo, if not the frozen fingers it took to get.

fine art prints martha's vineyard, philbin beach photo

Off-season on Martha’s Vineyard still holds beauty in its bleakness. And no permit needed for private beaches.

martha's vineyard wedding photographer, philbin beach wave

Morning at Edgartown Harbor: gulls wheeling over the ice.

martha's vineyard photography, edgartown harbor

I’ve never seen the outer harbor frozen like this. I wouldn’t cross it, but it did cross the harbor.

family pictures martha's vineyard, edgartown lighthouse

When I saw my shadow in the snow, I had to take a second shadow self-portrait…

fine art prints martha's vineyard, snowy harbor shadow

…to compare to my original shadow self-portrait – this one in a New Mexico river from a warm summer day. If it looks familiar, it’s because this photo became my logo.

family pictures martha's vineyard, shadow portrait new mexico

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Vineyard Photographer, AKA Maria, Writing with Light, AKA Maria Thibodeau is a family and portrait photographer on Martha’s Vineyard.

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