Eel Pond

It all started with these fascinating roseate terns that I saw at Eel Pond. They swoop down and go whizzing just above the surface of the water, scooping with their bottom bills.  I have been back several days this week just before sunset to sit under the calm darkening sky, but they are too quick for focus.

Martha's Vineyard photography

But each day, there is something else, too…

Sea grapes, bokeh.

Martha's Vineyard photography

Last night, the sun setting on this boat.

Martha's Vineyard photography

Tonight, I tried to find the same boat shot, but the water was choppy, so instead, sun setting on the marsh grass.

Along the spit of land, past the keening shore birds. 
Martha's Vineyard photography

Ice pond dragonflies.

Martha's Vineyard photography

I have seen these egrets (or egrets much like them) at Eel Pond, but these are from Sengekontacket and this was not the first day I have longed for a longer lens (ba-dump-cha).

Martha's Vineyard photography

Martha's Vineyard photography

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